Reignite Your Passion. Maximize Your Income. Transform Your Life. 
Freda Doxey MPA, LMHC
CEO, A. Wise Company, LLC
Transformation Specialist
Throughout the United States, Europe, South Africa, Liberia and Jamaica, Freda Doxey has touched the lives of thousands of people with her passion to impact a nation by transforming the minds of its people. With her stellar athletic background as a former Division 1 coach, college basketball Hall-of-Famer, it's no wonder that people choose Freda as their transformation strategist to elevate their “life game.” 

Freda uses her expertise as a successful business coach, entrepreneur, licensed counselor, noted author, caring minister and former Dale Carnegie™ trainer. to move her clients from "stuck" to significant life transformation successes.
What My Clients Are Saying...

James Watkins

As an ex-professional athlete and now businessman, I have worked with a ton of talented, capable people. Freda is genuine inside and out which makes her talents and limitless capacity shine even brighter. Bottom line, Freda Doxey is the real deal!

Linda A. Feliciano

If you are looking for no nonsense, raw and loving advise, you must schedule your appointment today. You'll break through limiting mindsets and be fired up for your next session. Freda is definitely my fire-starter and accountability partner.

Pastor Shana Wise

Freda's has the dynamic ability to engage an audience no matter the size and leave you with on the spot tools you can use in the moment. I am glad we had her to speak at our conference.

Angel Myer

I truly enjoyed Freda’s presentation from start to finish. I took away 2 important nuggets from her presentation. 1) My Living Vision is ALIVE, ACTIVE with action and AFFIRMING it daily; and 2) Say NO and mean it!
Here's Just Some Of What Will Be Covered…
  • A step-by-step plan which will simplify and clarify the necessary procedures you need to reach your goals. 
  • How to identify specific goals 
  • Keys to balance your life's priorites 
  • How to qualify your dreams so you are working on the most important ones first
  • The 7-step formula for setting goals
  • Finally, a commitment to yourself that will lead you to Victory!